Photo © Manfredi Gioacchini for Vogue Magazine.


As a nomadic artist, filmmaker, and musician, Dustin Lynn has traversed the farthest corners of the earth. His work, bears the indelible mark of his travels to Cambodia, Jamaica, Kenya, and beyond. From collaborating with fellow artists, brands, and non profit organizations, through film, music and photography, Lynn reveals a profound understanding of place and the human experience, one that is shaped by his own wandering spirit and keen sense of observation.

Dustin Lynn, born in Oakland, California, embraced a nomadic upbringing across the United States. His internationally celebrated 16mm documentaries and experimental films tell a diverse and poetic tale. Over a decade, his films graced prestigious events – 'Official Selections' at The Tribeca Film Festival and New York Film Festival, with recognition at GenArt Film Festival and FilmStock International. Galleries like Karsten Greve showcased his works in Paris, Cologne, and St. Moritz.

Lynn began his filmmaking journey with professional surfer/filmmaker Chris Malloy, contributing to award-winning surf films. He later delved into the realm of fine arts, collaborating with artists such as Marina Abramovic and Gabriel Orozco. Lynn's cinematic prowess also extends to the echelons of the luxury industry, where he directed for esteemed brands like Alexander McQueen, LVMH, and Chanel.