8 REELS FROM ECUADOR documents artists Gabriel Orozco, and Broomberg & Chanarin as they journey throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon.  
In 2007, after having spent more than two years primarily in Mexico, artist Gabriel Orozco and his family went to Bonn, Germany, where they would stay for approximately five months. Orozco interrupted this stay only with occasional visits to Paris and one to Ecuador.
That April David de Rothschild, a friend of Orozco's, invited the artist to join him on an expedition to explore the Ecuadorian rainforests ravaged by the oil industry. Along with Orozco, Rothschild invited photographers Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg, filmmaker Dustin Lynn, and ethnobotanist Maria Fadiman "as a test of what artists could accomplish when brought face to face with ecological disaster". After traveling throughout the Amazon, the group ended up in an Achuar Nation settlement in the village of Sharamentsa. There Orozco created a series of drawings that eventually became an installation reminiscent of the "working tables". Barrowing a small notebook from Rothschild and using dried twigs as brushes, Orozco stained the paper with an ink that the people of Sharamentsa traditionally used as body paint. A group of children watched him work. He asked the children to grab handy pieces of clay to hold the paper in place while the ink dried. They brought him the broken bits of pottery and placed one piece per paper. As Orozco has recalled, "The moment I put the paper on the table, they tried to be the fastest to put the piece of pottery on top of it. Probably they liked that I was doing my own thing and they could check me out, instead of me looking at how they work the land or how they do their own things." Admiring the pieces of red-stained paper weighed down by red pottery shards, Orozco decided that the drawings should remain in this configuration. The tabletop installation was exhibited at Marian Goodman Gallery the following year.
Filmed entirely using a 16mm Bolex crank-wind camera, and limited to only 35-40 second takes at a time.  The film was mostly edited in camera then organized chronologically into eight vignettes or reels.

Directer Cinematographer Editor Dustin Lynn
Featuring Gabriel Orozco, Broomberg & Chanarin, David de Rothschild
Narration by Gabriel Orozco
Film Colorist Gino Panaro

*Exhibited in the group shows “Block 16” The Hospital Gallery, London and “Eco Wanted” Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris, Cologne, St. Moritz.

ISOLA (2016)

a film by DUSTIN LYNN

Exhibited in the group show “Tutto Questo Sentire (2019)” at Camden Arts Centre in association with the Arts Counsil of England.